Whether you’re building a new home, planning a major home remodel or looking to update a single room, you are investing time and money in your home; you want it to be beautiful, functional and true to your lifestyle.

Here are 5 tips to guide you in determining if working with a designer is right for you:

Hansen + Hill Interiors
Hansen + Hill Interiors

1.  Professional Evaluation.  Educated in the principles of design, a professional designer has the knowledge and experience to assess  your space and devise a solid plan of action.  With a trained eye they will guide you through the process and find solutions that work for you. 

2.  Prevent Costly Mistakes.  Every project has its challenges and the wrong decisions can become very costly.  A designer will help you make informed selections that ultimately save you time and money.

3.  Product Resources.  Working with a designer gives you access to new resources, typically available only “to the trade.” 

4.  Construction Liaison. With a clear understanding of scheduling and timing, designers are excellent liaisons between you and your contractors. Having a designer on your team is vital in managing time and money throughout the project.

5.  Partnerships. Designers have a network of reliable contractors and certified installers to call on to execute their designs.